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xbelly_plaques.jpg (5971 bytes)Belly Plaques various sizes $35.00-65.00

xash_door.jpg (4091 bytes)Ash Door & Sliders various size Doors..$40.00-70.00 Sliders..$20.00-30.00

xash_door_washer.jpg (1272 bytes)Ash Door Washer Various sizes $8.00

hing_pin.jpg (992 bytes)hingpin_cap.jpg (1009 bytes)Hinge Pin $8.00  Hinge Pin Cap reg.and nickel $8.00 & 10.00

xflue_slider.jpg (21761 bytes)Flue Slides Various Sizes $18.00

footrest.jpg (6237 bytes)Foot Rests Various Sizes $65.00-90.00
back_grates.jpg (22879 bytes)Wood Grates Various Sizes $40.00-85.00 bottom view
lids.jpg (4524 bytes)Lids Various Size $18.00-22.00 bottom view Lids and grates will fit other makes and models of wood stoves

xdraft_hood.jpg (1513 bytes)Draft Hood Various sizes $40.00-50.00
xuniversal_cookstove_liner.jpg (3533 bytes)Universal Cookstove Liner $40.00

xsm_swingtop.jpg (3666 bytes)Swing Top Various Sizes $45.00-85.00
xjacket.jpg (2373 bytes)Big Bead Jackets Various Sizes $125.00-175.00


We have a large quantity of used parts in stock.
When ordering please give model number and size
Example: R-O E 16 or Round Oak model E 16 inch